No answers …

This morning, we headed off to the hospital to see the new specialist about my lump. He is an opthamologist, but also practises something called oculoplastics. Which I think has something to do with plastic surgery around the eyes. That’s just a guess, but sometimes I really am pretty smart so I think I may be right about it. No matter what his specialties, he didn’t know exactly what my mystery lump was either. I will be having a CT scan as soon as it can be arranged to get a better idea (?some idea?) about what’s happening. At this moment, the lump has moved into its large phase, and is putting pressure on my eye and ear. I am not a happy camper. Two good things came from the visit: 1) the doctor took me and the problem very seriously; 2) we ran into a someone Doug used to work with before we got married. While I was off in various examination rooms, Doug and Joe had an opportunity to get caught up.

Yesterday is kind of a blur. I know we went to church, but honestly, I don’t remember much else. I guess we did normal stuff. At any rate, soon it was today, and now, today is coming to an end. I want to stop watching the news, by the way, because it is just too depressing.

Love, gail

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