Nearing the end

Soon, I will be moving to another stage of this journey. I started in October, 2013 with the intention of becoming someone different. Perhaps it would be better to say that my intention was to change how I look at and define myself. With the help of a bunch of friends (you know who you are) who have commented –cajoling, encouraging, correcting, instructing — I have made some progress. I have reached the point where I want — not so much need as want — to change the physical self by doing 2 things. First, on Monday morning, we are going back to basics with the diet Doug and I developed to help us lose 120+ pounds between us a couple of years ago. I will report my weight loss here every Friday (I did it on Facebook last time), and I promise I will do that, regardless of the results. Second, I am going to do something physical every day. Sometimes it will be actual prescribed exercise as soon as I can get that organized, but until then I will walk, hopefully increasing the distance daily, and do house-related things, like clean up the garage. I will report that daily. I also will do my best NOT to talk about my health, except when it truly impacts my ability to do the other things in my plan. This is not to say that things will not continue to bother me, but if I need to write them down, they go in my private blog. And although I normally don’t post on Sunday (something that will continue), tomorrow will be different.

In all the days of the gratitude challenge, I wanted to keep talking about how grateful I am for my friends. They sustain me constantly. And of course, without Doug, my life would be empty. Thanks you all.

 Day 5 of gratitude challenge:

#1  I am grateful for the abundance of fresh food we have and the choices it gives.
#2  I am grateful to my niece Margaret Perry for having nominated me for this challenge.
#3  I am (reluctantly) grateful for Facebook in that it has allowed me to reconnect with so many people.

Love, gail

BRAT is awful

Eating this stuff really sucks! I do enjoy the bananas, though! And thankfully there appears to be some improvement in the tummy but not the energy. I continue to be far too tired by noon and naps don’t seem to help much. It will be all better by Monday when Doug and I recommit to diet and exercise. Honest, it will be better!!

The car got his tires re-torqued today, and I stretched my calves. Doug did lots of stuff and I didn’t. And I don’t want to now so I’m going to watch the rest of Jeopardy.


Day 4 of gratitude challenge:

#1 I am grateful for the people in my life who support and guide me.
#2 I am grateful for the beauty I see when I open the shutters every morning.
#3 I am grateful for changing seasons, even though I do gripe a lot about the weather. After a year in a place where there were no seasons, I have come to appreciate them, but that doesn’t mean I have to love them all.

Love, gail


Reports on varioua thinga

Report on physio visit:

My neck is stiff and I have some postural issues (think they might be related???) but nothing to worry about, according to my therapist. He thinks my knee is fine and the pain is coming from my calf muscle which was very very tight, even though I have been stretching it. So 20 minutes of heat and muscle stimulation for neck, shoulder and knee, some manual traction and postural correction for my shoulder, 15 minutes of acupuncture, and then some sort of torture on the calf muscle. Really painful. Exercise program to be developed in about a week or so. My sense is that it will be mostly stretching and I think I need more than that. So maybe a couple of sessions with a skilled personal trainer who can come and assess me properly, take a look at what we have in the way of equipment and toys, and help me get started. Anybody know such a person? Suggestion on where to look?

Report on doctor’s visit:

I have been doing everything wrong for my tummy. I am now being a BRAT, that is eating bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. And drinking Gatorade or something similar. Bought bananas on the way home. Everything else is here. The CT Scan, by the way, show a non-specific swelling that may be a cyst but that report uses the term “non-specific” five times in two short paragraphs. Radiologist speak for weird! Clearing that us has to wait until September 5.

I had to go to Western today to get a prescription filled. No second thoughts about my decision to quit teaching. I think I’ve done the job I was born to do, so now on to the next.

Day 3 of gratitude challenge:

#1 I am SO grateful for the Canadian health care sytem.
#2 I am grateful that I was able to go to university and pursue my dreams.
#3 I am grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a career teaching university and, hopefully, exciting young people with a love of learning. I also am thankful for the many students with I share core vaues who have become lifelong friends.

There coud be more today because it’s been that kind of day, but I’ll wait until tomorrow

I’ve off to eat my rice and applesauce. Had a banana and toast for lunch. Yummy!

Love, gail

Thankfully, doctor tomorrow…

This is getting beyond ridiculous!  Had breakfast without problems, then risked lunch. I even made us a nice omelette! Big mistake. Tummy hurts!

From Facebook,

Today is day 2 of my gratitude challenge, and I promise to try to watch my spelling (and my typing).

#1 I am grateful for the love and wisdom of my parents.
#2 I am grateful for the deep friendship and love of my brother.
#3 I am grateful to be a Canadian, living in peace and security, with the most incredible advantages in the world.

Apparently, I am supposed to nominate two people per day, but I think I will ask all of my FB friends to think about gratitude and perhaps say thank you to someone today. Of course if anyone is moved to post some gratitudes, perhaps it would be a good idea.

Perhaps this is enough for today. I shall dutifully report on visits to physio and doctor tomorrow (both the visits and the report tomorrow). I gotta go now!

Love, gail



Didn’t work, mom…

So the chicken soup didn’t work. I was fine for most of the day and thought this was another of those things about which mother is awlays right. But alas, around 5, it was clear that the cure had failed. Oh well, I guess I really do have some kind of bug. It was otherwise a pretty reasonable day. With Doug’s help, I tried a different approach to the travel journal and had some success. I’m going to try again tomorrow to finish the darn thing! The nice cleaning elves were here this morning so the house is clean. And I got have coffee with an old friend from school, a regular event that we both (I think) enjoy. We try to get together about once a month and we never seem to have a shortage of things to talk about!

My niece, Margaret, nominated me to take the gratitude challenge, where for 5 days, you list 3 things for which you’re grateful. I somehow doubt that I’ll have trouble thinking of things. Here are today’s:
#1 I am grateful for the faith that sustains me through everything life throws at me.
#2 I am grateful for friends.
#3 I am grateful for my husband Doug, the lofe of my life. (Which became the the loaf of my life (courtesy of Doug), then the lafe of my lofe (courtesy of me) and finally, the laugh of my wife (courtesy of Doug). In case there was any doubt, I meant the love of my life. Where is autocorrect when you need it??!

I still feel kind of wiped, and I’m glad I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday.

Love, gail

Chicken Soup

All right, already! I’ve had this stomach thing since Friday and I’m tired of it. The symptoms change nearly daily, but they have one thing in common: excessive fatigue. I have absolutely no energy. This morning, I had a coffee date with a friend, and by the time I got home, I could do nothing else. Even though I was supposed to make lunch, Doug stepped in, and he even made supper. My mom said chicken soup was good for everything, so that’s what he made. Time will tell whether mom was right about this. It ought to be fairly obvious that I accomplished absolutely nothing today. Thankfully, my life-changing resolution doesn’t start unti September 1. I womder what happens to such resolutions in the face of days like today.

OK, that’s it; I’m tired.

Love, gail

About yesterday

I’m still kind of sick, so this might be short. It’s all about wisdom, I think, about knowing yourself well enough to be reasonable in your expectations of yourself.  My friend Peter can train for an Ironman because he knows that it’s reasonable for him to do so. It challenges him, it forms him, as he says, into a better human being. Go for it, Pete, ’cause you can. And you will. For me, such a thing would be ludicrous and I would never commit myself to it. On the other hand, lately I haven’t really challenged myself with more than getting out of bed and getting through each day however I can. Life needs to be about more than that, I think. Trouble is, I don’t know how to do anything else right now, and right now is when I need to do it. I try to walk, and wreck my better knee. I try to write, and can’t put more than two coherent sentences together. When I write here, coherence is less of problem, but it seems to me that I do all right. Housework doesn’t get done, sometimes meals don’t get prepared. I accept that when I feel as sick as I do now, those things can slide a bit more than usual, but not always.

So this is my resolve: when I see me physio on Thursday, I am going to get an exercise program. That day, I also see my doc, so if I still feel crappy, I will get that straightened out. Now that Doug is so much better, he is doing more around the house, sometimes too much, but he’s learning his limits. To me, it means that I can let go of some of the stuff that I had been doing earlier in the summer. So after Thursday, I am going to prepare a “training” schedule for me! What am I training for? A busy 2015, that’s what! I need to be able to walk for at least an hour, to stand in art galleries and museums for an hour, to concentrate when I write, to devote a couple of hours a day to writing, every single day (maybe not Sundays). Thursday is August 28. By September 1, I will have a full plan, and I will share it. The healthy eating plan is already in place, although I must admit that it’s really hard to follow when nothing stays in my stomach and I feel nauseous all the time.

A couple of days ago, Peter and his wife both shared a motto that should guide us through life, especially when decisions are made and then questioned. I couldn’t copy the nice little picture, but here are the words: “YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!” So even if it hurts, or I want to do something else, or be somewhere else, I really am where I need to be. This doesn’t, by the way. mean that you shouldn’t strive for more, do everything you can to be better, but wherever you are at this moment is exactly where you need to be. Don’t be so bummed if you don’t complete things you set out to do; there is usually a good reason. But also, don’t give up trying! By January, I will be as fit as I can possibly be, and will have lost as much weight as I possibly can. So there!!

Thanks Pete and Roo; you are a blessing to me.

Love, gail  

One of those days…

I did have something important to say today, but I can’t remember what it was. After a day of serious tummy trouble yesterday, which continued into today. I am feeling kind of whacked, so I think I will go now and post tomorrow. Hopefully by then I can remember what I was planning to say today.

Love, gail

A couple of things to say…..

I started this blog because I was concerned about some of the things that were happening to my mind and body as I got older. It’s always been helpful for me to write things down when they bother me, or when I need to work through things out. But what’s happening here is that the blog has become a sort of daiy diary, occasionally interspersed with some serious thought. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; it’s kind of fun to sort through all the stuff that goes on in a day to see what matters enough to record. The problem is that when I did get into some of the things that were bothering me about the aging process, I found that others didn’t take me all that seriously. I didn’t need to hear that “everyone goes through this” or “you should hear what I did yesterday.” My experiences sometimes threaten my sense of who I am, and that can be scary. So, for the most part, I stopped doing that kind of blogging here. Instead, I started another blog, a sort of private journal. I think blogging is kind of addictive, so it suits my personality quite well. Maybe some day I will publish the other blog as well.

The second thing is that I seem to have acquired some sort of tummy bug so I’m leaving now. Be nice to each other.

Love, gail