‘Twas a fine day…

Went looking for formal vests and found nothing that filled the bill.  Then went shopping for bird food, with more success.  This food seems to be unappealing to squirrels, while still attracting lots of birds.  We went out for lunch after that.  Yes, we are eating out a lot these days, but only until July 1 at which time, we recommit to healthy eating at home.  Except for once a week to honour some invitations to special people.  Today, we went to the place Doug took me on our first date, a place we visit quite frequently.  They were closed for vacation; it’s a family-owned and operated business.  So, trying to avoid holiday weekend traffic, construction and rough roads, we went off in search of another place.  Which we found.  Had a reasonably good lunch, but we were both pretty zonked by the time we got home.  Naps, some time on the back porch in the sun, a light supper.  Another day gone.

It feels, sometimes, like the days are just rushing by and I am getting nothing done.  Bu then I wonder what it is I think I’m not getting done.  There is a bunch of filing and straightening out of papers in the office downstairs.  There is still the matter of my lost treasure, which I shall seek again tomorrow. And a bunch of boxes in the basement storage area to clear out.  And some kitchen cupboards to organize.  And that sort of thing.  But I’m not sure that’s what I really mean.  I’ll have to think about that.  Tomorrow.

Love, gail

OK, Spacey…

I guess I will accept Doug’s name change for the eigth dwarf, generally. Yesterday, there was a heavy emotional component to what was going on with me, and Spacey doesn’t quite cut it. Confusion does suggest some emotional mix-up, so I will stick with that for yesterday.

Doug tells me he is walking more, in case I doubted it. Because I don’t see it, I guess I need to be told about it. My scientific side, I suppose. Empiricist dog that I am!

Off to shop for a formal vest to complete Doug’s tuxedo wardrobe. And food for the birds, now that the Thrashers are gone and the Cowbirds seem to have moved to someone else’s feeder. The squirrel is another story….

The eigth dwarf

Did you ever encounter the dwarf named Confused? He used to be called Discombobulated, but the name was too cumbersome and hard to spell, so he changed it. By the time he sorted it all out, the others had gone off to play with Snow White and he found himself alone and lost. Today, he found me,  and joined a couple of his friends (Sleepy and Grumpy) to plague me.  I really wish I wouldn’t have days like this where everything is a chore.  Buying a few groceries was an epic task because I couldn’t remember what I needed and kept losing my list.  I got lost (well, disoriented anyway) in the darn grocery store, for goodness’sake!  Driving required so much concentration, I could barely manage it.

I’ve decided that a nap is in order, and I may or may not add to this post today.  Oh yes: Doug continues to improve, doing more stuff around the house everyday.



Love, gail 

Our visit to the dentist

The major event of our day was a visit to Bruce the dentist…that’s the way he is listed in Doug’s phone.  Bruce is a wonderful friend and an even more wonderful dentist.  Yesterday Doug lost a large chunk of an old filling so today, Bruce did an emergency repair.  He took extra care with Doug, for obvious reasons, and at the end of it all, Doug had a shiny new porcelain filling with only enough freezing to ensure his comfort.  He felt so good after our visit that we made another, very brief, visit to Costco and then had a terrific lunch at our new favourite Chinese restaurant.  While we were both tired at the end of our outing, Doug didn’t experience the same exhaustion he did the last time he came to Costco with me.  This is progress!!  

Every day brings us closer to normality, closer to the resumption of balance in our home, closer to the beginning of the rest of our lives.  To borrow a phrase from my friend Peter, among others, “Game on!!”

Love, gail 

The world unfolds as if all were normal.

Today was better all around, I think. I certainly felt better, and Doug seemed to be doing OK. Made a point of taking things pretty easy so that my neck had a reasonable chance of not stiffening up again. I seem to have succeeded, at least thus far. We decided on a fast food treat for lunch — Harvey’s hot dogs and milkshakes. With the addition of cheese and bacon, some onions for me and pickles for Doug, we hit a bunch of the food groups. It was great!

The only other noteworthy thing was that brother Art came by to say goodbye before leaving for New York later tonight. He was on his way to Adam’s soccer game which is just around the corner tonight. I had planned on going but decided that I was really not up for standing aound for an hour and change. They’ll be back in three weeks, and as much as I love my great nephew, I don’t think I will travel all over town to watch him play. Next time their game is in the neighbourhood, I will be there!

Tomorrow I take Doug to the dentist to have a tooth repaired. If he’s up to it afterwards, We’ll go to Coscto, although I hope he will sit in the car while I get the few things I need. Then i hope to come home and continue the treasure hunt. But that may not work out; it depends on how tired I am. And now, even though I don’t hurt a lot, I really am tired. So I will say goodnight. Don’tforget to hug someone you love.

Love, gail

Benefits of memory loss?

OK, it may not exactly be a benefit, but… I think if I had recalled the immediate after-effects of the spinal cortisone injections, I may have been even more anxious than I was.  Briefly. I have a pounding headache, stiff shoulders and neck, my teeth seem to have shifted and I feel like someone punched me in the left side of my face (not that I REALLY know what that feels like).  The latter symptom is likely a result of a change in procedure which involves 2 shots in side of my neck rather than 4 in the back of it.  Since it is the left side that is compromised, it must have required even more skill to get the silly needles in exactly the right spots (the wrong spots would have led to even more unpleasant results).  Perhaps a little extra force on his part, or a little extra tension on mine has resulted in the current mess.  And I felt just fine when I left the hospital!!

One immediate benefit of the whole mess was a great chat with David.  I think it may well have been the first time he and I have had a chance just to sit and talk without others around.  Of course, there will be more benefits, possibly beginning tomorrow, but  more likely on Thursday.  It has been a weird day at home, though, with neither of us really able to lift things or move things or do much of anything.  Doug has fed us lunch, and supper is looming, but who knows what that will be?

Hug someone tonight.  For us.  It’s a bit of a struggle here.

Love, gail

Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy and Sleepy

And, I guess, Doc. I don’t think I could manage Bashful and Happy is out of the question today.  

Anyhow….I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t want to.  I make take every Sunday off, you never know.  But I’m here now, and it’s still afternoon, about an hour until supper.  I’m an incredible mixture of emotions as the title might suggest, and they are fighting with one another.  This makes my very tired and even grumpier.  And on top of it all, I hurt.  My right knee, the one that’s my own, is killing me.  To be totally accurate, it is something behind the knee, likely a tendon since I don’t think the ligaments run behind the knee.  I’m sure someone will tell me.  It may be the extra use, or getting accustomed to driving Doug’s car, or making more trips up and down the stairs.  I don’t have any idea.  Hopefully, someone will tell me that too. I will ice it soon.  Hence the early post so I can just stretch the leg and not move too much.  

My cortisone injection is tomorrow.  I’ve had them before and I know the risk is low, but having some doctor sticking needles in the top part of my spine makes me nervous.  Likely that adds to the grumpiness.  The anxiety is worth bearing, however, because the relief will be wonderful. I hope.  Brother-in-law David is taking me to the hospital.  Hopefully, it will be a short wait and he will be able to get on with his day.  Which means going to work!

About yesterday…we sat in the s

un for a while, drank some tea, went to the drugstore to replace a broken heating pad, met David and Susan for lunch and then went for a short drive (Kilworth, honestly short).  Altogether about two and a half hours, which turns ot to be a bit much for Doug.  But it was the most intense people contact he’s had since he came home.  Chatting briefly with servers in Tim’s or at the Food Court just isn’t the same as interacting with just three other people for an hour.  We learn these things slowly.



Today, Doug saw his doc, who says that the patient is recovering as he should.  No more visits until a month after the followup with the surgeon, which we understand hsould be sometime in early July.  Then many things will change, I believe.  Doug may be given permission to drive when he feels up to it, and perhaps to lift a bit more.  We shall see soon ebough.



I’m going to watch the news now. Tell someone you care. 




Good news, bad news sort of day

A couple of days ago, I began the process of seeking the floor in my closet.  The primary purpose of the excavation was the hope of finding my lost treasure.  I left most of the results of the first day’s digging on the bedroom floor, and that mess got a bit old really fast.  So today, I was determined to finish the job.  And finish it I did!  The good news is that I found all kinds of interesting stuff, including a golf shirt that was part of the school uniform where Doug taught in India.  I tossed one large garbage bag full of …well … garbage, and the floor of the closet is now visible.  The bad news is that I didn’t find the lost treasure.  So on to the next search area: my dresser drawers.  Stayed tuned.

Doug and I went to a couple of stores to look at kitchen lighting.  We are thinking that sometime soon, we should replace the monster fixture with its eight flourescent bulbs.  It’s now a matter of deciding the nature of the replacement.  We went to Living Lighting and Rona, and have a few ideas now.  So many decisions…..

Doug did very well, managing to walk about the stores, and even accompany me into the grocery store for a bit, before we sat down at our local Tim’s for lunch.  When we got home, we both crashed for a bit!  So more good news—Doug’s stamina continues to improve every day.  The bad news (not really bad) is that we’re both exhausted!  The afternoon nap helped a bit, but it was followed by the excavation so now I am really tired.

It’s been that kind of day.  

Love, gail

My head hurts, again

I’m tired of this headache.  It seems to be a reaction to the weather as much as any other aspect of my life, including stress.  It fades a bit, but is always there, lurking in the background.  And it is definitely time for it to move on.  Please.

Another routine day; the best kind, I’m told.  The more of them we have, the closer we are to normal.  It’s coming.  Although it’s slower than he would like, Doug is making progress.  He is really feeling a lot of pain as his sternum knits back together around the wire holding it together, And lots of little electric shocks as all the nerves that were cut begin to regenerate.

One thing that continues to bother me is the bump on my left temple.  Most days, it just sits there.  It’s the other days that are of some concern.  On those days, it just gets a whole lot bigger.  Yesterday, it started to swell in the early evening and didn’t really stop until at least midnight.  I was actually beginning to feel some pressure above my left eye, and both my glasses and hearing aid became quite uncomfortable.  It was not a pleasant time.  It’s still swollen today, although it is startng to shrink a little.  Hopefully, the appointment with the specialist will materialize soon.  At least it doesn’t bother me most of the time.

For now, I’m off to spend the rest of the evening with Doug.   

Love, gail

Why do I feel this way?

OK, I get why I’m tired, frustrated, worried, confused and perhaps even a bit resentful at times.  But why am I so angry today?  Let me know if you know.

It has been a gorgeous late spring-early summer day.  My kind of weather.  And I think we’re going to have another tomorrow!  Being Friday, I go grocery shopping, then who knows?

I’ll talk to you then.

Love, gail