I hate rollercoasters!

Just so you know, I really don’t believe that every good day is followed by a bad one, but sometimes it seems like I’m on exactly that kind of rollercoaster ride through life. And quite frankly, I’m tired of it and I want to get off. Someone is sure to tell me that getting off is entirely in my control, but right now, I can’t accept that. It’s not that anything awful happened. It’s just that I did something stupid yesterday (in my own control, totally) and it cost me big time (not in my control).

On the way home from the barbque last night, I carried my camp chair — the kind that folds up into its own bag — over my bad shoulder. It started to hurt about halfway home but I was too stubborn/stupid to change shoulders. After all it didn’t seem too bad, so I figured that when I got home and put the chair away, the pain would go away too. Wrong. All night, pretty much, my left shoulder was killing me and as I tensed up from that, my neck and back joined in, just for fun. Didn’t sleep much.

Perhaps that was enough to set the rollercoaster in motion this morning. I don’t know. All I do know is that from the moment I got up, I have been miserable. And I still am. So I think I’ll put my blanket over my head and tried to escape it all.

Tomorrow, we’re off to church for the first time in a long time. Then I think I will proofread the travel journal and try to figure out where to insert some pictures. Monday, I finally get to see the specialist about the mystery lump on my left temple. I suspose it’s possible that I have begun to worry about it, and perhaps even begun to construct my own explanations about it. We all know those are never good. Do you think this might contribute to my mood? Maybe.

I think I’ll go now. ‘Bye.

Love, gail


2 thoughts on “I hate rollercoasters!

  1. Perhaps you already do so and choose not to talk about it, but maybe you should be seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist? There’s something peculiar about your insistence on carrying that chair over your bad shoulder. Just for the record, been there, done that! The “experts” saved my life a couple of times.
    But I completely understand the reluctance to talk openly about ones mental health challenges, as I certainly hid mine while I held a very public job position. However, once I did manage to be open about it(especially depression and all it’s physical associations), I found it both freeing for myself, and helpful to many others.
    Please however just ignore my comments totally if they are irrelevant or inappropriate. Since I have 4 sons I am used to being ignored 🙂


  2. Gail, you know that worrying about something only makes it worse. You have told me so.

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