Lunch out … twice!

I really do believe that I left a part of my memory in the hospital! I completely forgot to post this !Sunday, after church, we shared a wonderful lunch with friends from London (Shirley Nakamura) and from San Francisco (Vivian (Nakamura) Ettinger and her husband, Bruce). Viv and Bruce have a condo in Rancho Mirage, just up the road from Pal Springs, where they spend six months a year. Shirl comes down for several months each winter. Shirl, Viv and I go way back; Shirl and I actually attended Lord Roberts Public School in London together, then high school at Central. Viv knew Art from Central, and Art may have taught their younger sister, Gloria. To complete the circle, Shirl taught my niece and nephew, Jen and Neal, in grade 1! What a great visit! We even got some more grapefruits, from their tree.

Today, we went to lunch at a place called Babe’s, recommended by another friend who winters down here sometimes. From the pictures, can you guess what kind of food they serve? The place is located in a beautiful mall, and I bought a new hat! I normally hate hats, but this one seems to be kind of grabby, doesn’t it? And more mountains to look at on the way home.


Another museum …

…. but this one comes with a sculpture garden that is truly an oasis in the middle of the city, right next to a busy road that disappears when one is settled beside one of the water features here. Some pictures… I hope.

It looks like it might work!! Changed Browsers, as recommended by the support people at WordPress. These are the outdoor garden pics, without captions. Just immerse yourself in them. Indoor ones and those from previous days will appear soon.

Do click on the pictures, especially the water features, remembering that the city is just beyond the trees. Relax, listen to the waterfall. Take care of yourself.

Love, gail