Weather headache…grumble, grumble

It’s been kind of a strange day. When I read what a friend was facing as Power of Attorney for a dying friend of hers, I wondered if I was being fair to my Executor by asking her to exercise mine. Making life and death decisions for a family member is hard enough; I guess I should consider how difficult it must be to do so for a friend, no matter how good a friend. In this case, the two women are very close and have discussed exactly the current situation. While it will never be easy, knowing that one is carrying out the wishes of one who can no longer make decisions has to help a bit. All I can say is that my admiration for my friend has increased exponentially over the past several days as she has coped with this dreadful situation. Countless hours at the hospital, countless tears shed, countless hugs given, countless stories shared when that was possible. She has done it all with incredible strength, courage and love. I don’t know her friend, but consider her blessed by the outpouring of deep affection expressed through social media and her tight-knit circle of friends. As she herself has said, ‘Be not afraid.’ She can rest easily, knowing that others have adopted her motto.

In the face of such courage, I look at my own petty complaints with some shame. While I realize that my problems affect my life deeply, some days more than others, I also realize that none of them is life-threatening. How would I deal with a diagnosis of some untreatable illness? How would I deal with dying? I would like to think that I would be able to draw on my family, my friends, and above all, my faith. I know I’ve raised these questions here before, but I still don’t know. Maybe I’ll never haave to find out.

Otherwise, today was OK, aside from the nagging headache. My mytery lump has begun to shrink again, so I can see a bit better. The cleaning elves were here this morning and I spent the time productively on the travel journal. I relearned how to insert pictures and am now in the process of doing that. Other than that, I thought a lot about life and living and decided to lots of the latter so I could continue to enjoy the former.

I think I’ll quit now and go play Scrabble.

Love, gail

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