Benefits of memory loss?

OK, it may not exactly be a benefit, but… I think if I had recalled the immediate after-effects of the spinal cortisone injections, I may have been even more anxious than I was.  Briefly. I have a pounding headache, stiff shoulders and neck, my teeth seem to have shifted and I feel like someone punched me in the left side of my face (not that I REALLY know what that feels like).  The latter symptom is likely a result of a change in procedure which involves 2 shots in side of my neck rather than 4 in the back of it.  Since it is the left side that is compromised, it must have required even more skill to get the silly needles in exactly the right spots (the wrong spots would have led to even more unpleasant results).  Perhaps a little extra force on his part, or a little extra tension on mine has resulted in the current mess.  And I felt just fine when I left the hospital!!

One immediate benefit of the whole mess was a great chat with David.  I think it may well have been the first time he and I have had a chance just to sit and talk without others around.  Of course, there will be more benefits, possibly beginning tomorrow, but  more likely on Thursday.  It has been a weird day at home, though, with neither of us really able to lift things or move things or do much of anything.  Doug has fed us lunch, and supper is looming, but who knows what that will be?

Hug someone tonight.  For us.  It’s a bit of a struggle here.

Love, gail

3 thoughts on “Benefits of memory loss?

  1. Okay, but I’m using today’s hug on you, even if it be the ethernet kind!


  2. Phew! I thought I was cheating!


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