Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy and Sleepy

And, I guess, Doc. I don’t think I could manage Bashful and Happy is out of the question today.  

Anyhow….I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t want to.  I make take every Sunday off, you never know.  But I’m here now, and it’s still afternoon, about an hour until supper.  I’m an incredible mixture of emotions as the title might suggest, and they are fighting with one another.  This makes my very tired and even grumpier.  And on top of it all, I hurt.  My right knee, the one that’s my own, is killing me.  To be totally accurate, it is something behind the knee, likely a tendon since I don’t think the ligaments run behind the knee.  I’m sure someone will tell me.  It may be the extra use, or getting accustomed to driving Doug’s car, or making more trips up and down the stairs.  I don’t have any idea.  Hopefully, someone will tell me that too. I will ice it soon.  Hence the early post so I can just stretch the leg and not move too much.  

My cortisone injection is tomorrow.  I’ve had them before and I know the risk is low, but having some doctor sticking needles in the top part of my spine makes me nervous.  Likely that adds to the grumpiness.  The anxiety is worth bearing, however, because the relief will be wonderful. I hope.  Brother-in-law David is taking me to the hospital.  Hopefully, it will be a short wait and he will be able to get on with his day.  Which means going to work!

About yesterday…we sat in the s

un for a while, drank some tea, went to the drugstore to replace a broken heating pad, met David and Susan for lunch and then went for a short drive (Kilworth, honestly short).  Altogether about two and a half hours, which turns ot to be a bit much for Doug.  But it was the most intense people contact he’s had since he came home.  Chatting briefly with servers in Tim’s or at the Food Court just isn’t the same as interacting with just three other people for an hour.  We learn these things slowly.



Today, Doug saw his doc, who says that the patient is recovering as he should.  No more visits until a month after the followup with the surgeon, which we understand hsould be sometime in early July.  Then many things will change, I believe.  Doug may be given permission to drive when he feels up to it, and perhaps to lift a bit more.  We shall see soon ebough.



I’m going to watch the news now. Tell someone you care. 




One thought on “Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy and Sleepy

  1. You’ve had a tough day and now you choose to watch the news? Wow! You are tough yourself!


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