Good news, bad news sort of day

A couple of days ago, I began the process of seeking the floor in my closet.  The primary purpose of the excavation was the hope of finding my lost treasure.  I left most of the results of the first day’s digging on the bedroom floor, and that mess got a bit old really fast.  So today, I was determined to finish the job.  And finish it I did!  The good news is that I found all kinds of interesting stuff, including a golf shirt that was part of the school uniform where Doug taught in India.  I tossed one large garbage bag full of …well … garbage, and the floor of the closet is now visible.  The bad news is that I didn’t find the lost treasure.  So on to the next search area: my dresser drawers.  Stayed tuned.

Doug and I went to a couple of stores to look at kitchen lighting.  We are thinking that sometime soon, we should replace the monster fixture with its eight flourescent bulbs.  It’s now a matter of deciding the nature of the replacement.  We went to Living Lighting and Rona, and have a few ideas now.  So many decisions…..

Doug did very well, managing to walk about the stores, and even accompany me into the grocery store for a bit, before we sat down at our local Tim’s for lunch.  When we got home, we both crashed for a bit!  So more good news—Doug’s stamina continues to improve every day.  The bad news (not really bad) is that we’re both exhausted!  The afternoon nap helped a bit, but it was followed by the excavation so now I am really tired.

It’s been that kind of day.  

Love, gail

One thought on “Good news, bad news sort of day

  1. Peter Rooyakkers

    Funny eh, how we always want what we don’t have. To me an 8 bulb fluorescent fixture sounds perfect for the kitchen! But probably only cause I don’t have one..

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