The world unfolds as if all were normal.

Today was better all around, I think. I certainly felt better, and Doug seemed to be doing OK. Made a point of taking things pretty easy so that my neck had a reasonable chance of not stiffening up again. I seem to have succeeded, at least thus far. We decided on a fast food treat for lunch — Harvey’s hot dogs and milkshakes. With the addition of cheese and bacon, some onions for me and pickles for Doug, we hit a bunch of the food groups. It was great!

The only other noteworthy thing was that brother Art came by to say goodbye before leaving for New York later tonight. He was on his way to Adam’s soccer game which is just around the corner tonight. I had planned on going but decided that I was really not up for standing aound for an hour and change. They’ll be back in three weeks, and as much as I love my great nephew, I don’t think I will travel all over town to watch him play. Next time their game is in the neighbourhood, I will be there!

Tomorrow I take Doug to the dentist to have a tooth repaired. If he’s up to it afterwards, We’ll go to Coscto, although I hope he will sit in the car while I get the few things I need. Then i hope to come home and continue the treasure hunt. But that may not work out; it depends on how tired I am. And now, even though I don’t hurt a lot, I really am tired. So I will say goodnight. Don’tforget to hug someone you love.

Love, gail

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