Marking done!

OK.  So it took longer than I thought it would and the kiddies managed to find yet more creative ways to amaze me.  Even one of the brightest of them decided to approach one of the simpler problems in a  totally complicated way. Many failed but a few got outstanding marks.  Typical for a statistics exam.  After all these years, I still get upset when someone does less well than I had hoped.  Perhaps I really am too old for it; in the past, I would get upset but not lose sleep over their missteps.  Now it leaves me rattled for days.

Thanks, by the way, to Peter and Janice for the offer of assistance.  I did enlist Doug’s help briefly, but otherwise managed it all by myself (gold star please). Perhaps next time we will have a marking party! Michael and I had a great time last year, and Doug made a great lunch for us that day and a per dinner a couple of weeks later.  I’ll check with you later on this.

We took the day off on Friday and went away for the day.  Before we did, we finished booking all the pieces of our February holiday.  We’re cruising through the Panama Canal (east to west) and spending a week or so in Los Angeles afterwards.  We will get excited soon, I hope.  Nothiing exciting about the rest of our day; just a day away.  And a Swiss Chalet dinner afterwards.  Today I bought a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet, and once I get used to it, It should encourage me to post daily again and to write more regularly.  


Nothing wild or fun in this post, I know, but nothing lamentatious (is that a word?) either.  Progress? Who knows.

Gotts go play Words with Friends with my best friend, the guy I love who 18 plus years ago agreed to be my lawfully wedded hubby. I hope he hasn’t regretted it … he says not, and certainly shows no evidence of regret.  Thankfully….

Talk to you tomorrow, all being well.



2 thoughts on “Marking done!

  1. Gold star it is!
    And as to being disappointed when a student doesn’t do so well I don’t think that’s logical. I believe the most powerful learning often takes place as the result of screw ups! I know in my case, almost everything I know!! 🙂


  2. What kind of a dinner is a ‘per’ dinner? (One typed on a new keyboard) You know, one of the reasons their (students’) screwups bother us both so much is that somehow we expect that all the times we’ve taught X would somehow have added up and that it should be getting easier by now! Mad thought, I know, but you can think such things in the back of your mind, provided you don’t articulate them too precisely. When they don’t get it, we interpret this as evidence of our waning skills rather than confirmation that the item taught has the same degree of difficulty it has always had and that our students really don’t get any smarter over time.
    By the way, the ONLY thing I regret is that we didn’t meet sooner.

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