The season of pomegranates has arrived!  Every year about this time,  I start the process of relearning how to dissect one of the blessed things.  They come with instructions but I’ve never found them particularly helpful. Usually by the time I get to the end of the third quarter of it (I have found that doing it in quarters is the best approach), I find some of the old skill coming back. By then, of course, I am more than prepared to do what I did as a kid, or what we used to do in India, dive into the thing face first, take a bite, spit out the bitter bits of skin, etc., that you don’t want and chew on the rest, seeds and all. Messy, but fun. So every year, I start anew and every pomegranate is an adventure.
Now, here’s one of our favourite streams of unconsciousness, not a long one, but a fun one. During our last municipal election, one of the candidates billed himself as a “tax fighter.” Add the noise of the kitchen exhaust fan to the conversation we were having about this guy and remember that at least one of the participants in the conversation is really hard of hearing. Then perhaps, and only perhaps, you will understand why I said “What’s an attack spider?” You had to be there, I guess.
I’ll do another story tomorrow. For now must do something to prepare for tomorrow’s class. Have a up of tea I think ….

One thought on “Adventures

  1. Peter Rooyakkers

    An attack spider eh? Reminds me of that old Jimi Hendrix lyric….”excuse me while I kiss this guy” 🙂


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