Day 6…. another step

The numbering thing is already old for me.  Tomorrow I start using titles again; I like the challenge of figuring them out.  But this is day 6 at home, nearly a week

.  I still have images of 11 days ago, the day of surgery, and sometimes have difficulty with the juxtaposition of that day with today.  sure, I did the grocery shopping this morning, but Doug helped unpack and put things away.  We walked in the condo early this afternoon, getting all the way to the street.  For our late afternoon walk, Doug suggested that he might enjoy a walk at the mall, so we put on street clothes instead of sweats and drove to Masonville, Doug still in the back seat with his little red pillow protecting his chest.  We walked, and then had dinner in the food court, Japanese and pretty healthy.  This whole expedition was at least a week earlier than I had expected.  WOW, my guy is totally amazing!


So I am going to spend the evening with him.

Love, gail

2 thoughts on “Day 6…. another step

  1. You’re purty durn amazin’ yerself, there, Sugar!

  2. I agree with both of you!

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