Day 5

Short post, since I already did yesterday’s and I want to watch the hockey game. OK day, some shopping, other routine stuff. A bit of sniping at each other because I wasn’t feeling my best and was a mite short-tempered, and I don’t want to hear any short jokes. We walked a bit, but this wasn’t as good a day for Doug (perhaps contributing to the sniping).
Interesting bonus to walking in the condo area; we get to chat with the neighbours! Today, one of our wonderful friends who lives a couple of units away produced dinner for us. Wonderful salmon with a maple syrup glaze – just add salad and presto, dinner!! The downside of conversations with neighbours is that Doug still tires easily, so walks may get truncated a bit. Things will work out.
For now, I must bid you adieu. That’s French for “Good luck, Habs.”

Love, gail

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