Marking party…..

Marking parties lead to:
— total exhaustion
— excessive eating
— inadequate fluid consumption … or inappropriate fluid consumption — too much tea and not enough water
— what feels like a massive hangover — unearned, no booze passes these lips, but only because it interacts badly with my meds
— walking around like a zombie, nearly falling over because of dizziness
— a strange sense of disconnect with the world

But…even with all that, the marking is done because Michael was willing and able to work with me from 9 to 5 on Wednesday and Thursday. The poker group should thank me for getting him so tired that he ended up as bubble boy. And of course, we couldn’t have done it if Doug hadn’t been willing and able to cook super lunches for us both days. It’s done, the grades submitted and approved, the exams packed away in a little box. At least they were. I’ve had several kids email with questions about why their grades on the final exam were so low. So I had to dig out their papers and find out. What’s amazing is that every one of them is taking responsibility for their predicament, and most of them even thanked us for the teaching. What a note to depart the profession on (grammar is also a consequence of marking parties)! I will remember this class, these kids, Michael, and the departmental support staff with great fondness. But no regrets.

Anyway, the exhaustion remains an issue. By the time we were done on Wednesday, the zombie-stage had set in. Yesterday, I was OK until about 6, then started getting dizzy. Still there when I got up this morning. Feeling no more like getting ready for a visit from Doug’s brothers tomorrow than like joining my friend Peter in his Ironman training. Then the email from the Toronto brother saying they were cancelling because of the weather. God is watching out for me, in some bizarre way. Not that I wish freezing rain on anyone. So the visit is postponed until next weekend. Thankfully.

Now, I will take my dizzies upstairs, retrieve the last of the laundry from the dryer without bending over too far, and plunk myself down in front of the TV. Perhaps tomorrow will see the end of the aftermath of the marking party. As Doug rightly points out, it signifies the end of much more than that, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.


One thought on “Marking party…..

  1. Hey Gail, it occurs to me that in this case there may be a small psychosomatic factor at play, above and beyond the obvious exhausting workload. And if so, I have to think it’s okay. Or perhaps I’m just trying to justify why I feel so out of sorts as I personally approach the official final week of my “career”.
    Or then again, maybe I’m just old and full of shit!
    Rest my friend…you deserve it!

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