I Refuse to Write Today

So there *sticks out tongue*

And Peter, as much as I would love too, I am in no shape to get into a discussion of biblical abuse versus biblical truth.  Of course there are parts of the Bible that I can’t believe, but I do believe a lot of things that you don’t, and that’s what makes the world go ’round.  Jerks like Phil Roberston are simply that — jerks.  Anyone can use anything to justify their words actions; just look at most of the wars over the course of human history.  I bet there are even some who could do that with parts of Dickens.  That would be sacrilegious.



One thought on “I Refuse to Write Today

  1. Ha Ha! Au contraire mon ami! I bet we would be in near alignnment on our beliefs, and when you get the energy let’s have the discussion. Face to face that is!! You see, that’s the problem when an amateur sociologist like me, applies his amateur writing skills to a complicated topic. You only get to see the shallow parts. 🙂 And you know, I do have a great advantage over you. I already know the kind of person you are, and the important truths that you hold most dearly…..I asked your TA!! Ha Ha!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, enjoy church, and as they say…say a little prayer for me…

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