Last post…

No, not THAT Last Post!  This is my last one before we leave.  I promise to write stuff when we’re away and post it when we get back.  It will be interesting for me to keep this blog separate from the Travel Journal which will also be done in progress this trip.  We’ll see how that all works out.

Report on doctor’s visit this morning.  First, he kept me waiting for over an hour — at 8:15 in the morning, he was already that late; I really feel sorry for the patients with late morning appointments!  He did apologize, telling me to blame his nurse for scheduling him to do 44 things before seeing his first patient.  But after those pleasantries were exchanged, he still gave me all the time we needed without making me feel that he was rushing me out of the place. He is a pretty amazing guy and I am truly blessed to be his patient (true of all my docs, actually).  I got a cortisone shot in my troublesome left shoulder which should help with that problem once it stops hurting from the shot.  I’m scheduled to have facet injections in the C4-5 and C5-6 areas in June, which was the earliest the anaesthetist could see me — he’s another of the amazing docs.  We agreed that injections like this once a year or so would likely be a good thing to help manage the pain.  It has gotten a bit out of control now because it’s been over a year since the last one. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  With the exception of an on-time appointment and a parking space in front of the door instead of around the corner. Man, it was cold!

The suitcases are packed and locked.  Both are actually well within the weight limits.  My backpack-cum-purse and carry-on are almost ready, as is Doug’s carry-on. House watcher and mail gatherer are all arranged.  In the morning, I can print our Air Canada boarding passes, make some sandwiches to eat in the bus on the way to Toronto, and wait for Robert Q to come and pick us up.  What more could I want at this point?  A slightly warmer departure temperature, since we won’t be taking winter coats or boots!

Be well, all of you, while we’re away.  A random act of kindness each week we’re gone would be a nice thing to do.  More importantly, tell someone you love them, and be generous with your hugs.  And your time.

Talk to you in about three weeks. 



One thought on “Last post…

  1. Peter Rooyakkers

    Have fun!


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