Just a quick comment ….

I have the most amazing friends!  Just reading their comments on this blog gives me the warm fuzzies.  Thank you all for your interest and caring.  It means more than you’ll ever know.  

My best friend happens to be the guy I’m married to and he is always my strongest supporter.  Only part of the reason I love him so much.   Today he took me to our church Christmas Bazar so I wouldn’t have to struggle to find a parking spot.  Not only that, he even came in with me and wandered around until I was ready to leave.  Not many husbands do that willingly.   Made my day!

Good news…I have a draft of the fina exam for the course!  My hope is that tomorrow, before we head off to Michael’s play, I can proof it and try to write it.  It is due by the 20th.  Right now I am so tired, I can hardly see straight.  Can’t feel my right thumb, but I’m almost used to that.  So bed, I think, because tomorrow is another day, as someone said in a movie once..

I love you all,


3 thoughts on “Just a quick comment ….

  1. Friends are always a reflection of how you have lived your life. While it’s appropriate to be grateful for them, it’s also okay to take pride in them. After all, true friends are earned, not bestowed.

  2. And here’s your smile of the day. I assumed you were quoting Scarlet Ohara with your “tomorrow”, comment, only I thought you had it wrong. I read that book several times, and what I remembered was—“I’ll worry about that tomorrow”. I was gonna correct you, but then I thought that this toolmaker better check his facts before he straightens out the university professor! Sure enough, Scarlet said exactly what I remember, followed immediately by, “After all, tomorrow is another day”!! lmao


    • Hey listen my friend. You know more about life (aka sociology) than I’ll ever know about toolmaking! If anyone has a right to correct me, it’s the guy who uses more quotes, and better ones too, than anyone in my universe. Go for it! And by the way, the “come to pass” stuff is biblical.

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