Another quick note

A reminder from Peter that I had sort of dropped out of sight (blog) again, so I thought it was time for a brief update. Things are progressing reasonably well. I have abandoned the walker, except for outside, especially in the snow. Around the house, I seem to be able to manage without any aids, and indoors away from home, I use a cane. I’m still not eating well, although I really am trying. Exercises to strengthen my legs are crucial to my successful rehab, Despite that, I am finding it hard to do them regularly. I go for walks at the mall, but have trouble spending an equal amount of time working specifically on my legs. There are still some issues about medications that we’re working through, but all in all, 4 weeks after leaving hospital, I reckon I’m doing OK.

Worry not, my friends. I will get back to regluar posting as soon as my motivation for any kind of regular activity returns. While I hate to blame the weather, it does tend to make me feel crappy when it is so cold and blustery that going out becomes a totally intimidating chore. Maybe that’s the whole problem …

Love, gail
(Not proofread)

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