Another Weather Complaint

Of course I know that complaining about the weather is both a Canadian passtime and a bad habit of mine. I won’t apologize for my behaviour because this is, after all, my blog, but I will justisfy it by repeating the fact that the weather makes me hurt. My hope is that the whole weekend will stay the same so my body can actually settle down a bit.

Otherwise, today invovled a minor change in routine. I had my Saturday coffee with my brother today because he will be otherwise engaged on Saturday. Then I had the chance to spend an hour with a former-student-now-friend and her husband, something we do quite regularly. Doug walked from home to Masonville, not exactly what I had envisioned in terms of arrangements when we became a one car family. It took him about half an hour, but it worked out fine since that is about the walking time he’s up to now.

All day long, I felt ill, light-headed, nauseous, very tired. A longish nap helped some. Perhaps it’s allergies….. or perhas the change in routine upset my aging mind.

Goodnight, my friends; sleep well.

Love, gail

An OK Day

As you all know by now, I hate this kind of weather. It creates moods in me that match the colour of the sky, ranging from tiny patches of blue to the deepest gray possible. And lately, Doug seems to have similar reactions to the weather. So this morning, as we sat eating breakfast, there was little conversation. But at around 9:30, the phone rang. It was the auto repair shop where our car had been for the past week. Although he wasn’t due to come home until Friday, they told us he was coming today around 5! One of those small patches of blue in our sky. And, sure enough, at 4:30 they called to tell us that he was on the way. Right around 5, the big truck arrived with our pretty blue car perched jauntily on the flatbed. The garage even looks happier!  If you should ever need a place to have car repairs done, I highly recommend any Carstar location. 

Also today, my chair was finally repaired so that its three-position leg rest was working again. That was the second patch of blue. My knee seems to do much better if my leg is not fully extended, and now I can sit and relax while I watch TV without hurting myself. On a similar note, I managed to get through the day without whimpering until I had to raise my arms to dry my hair after my shower. Somehow, that action also started my thumb hurting again too. So I will stop now, and bid you goodnight.

Seek those small blue patches in your day; it’s worth the effort.

Love, gail





It’s Going to Rain

Every joint and muscle in my body is telling me that we’re going to have a storm. Or two. As much as I would like not to think or talk about this stuff, it’s hard to avoid on days like this. I got up with a headache this morning, and it has simply gotten worse all day. For the morning trip to the hospital for my CT scan, I chose not to wear my thumb brace, and because I didn’t use it, my thumb was fine. However, as soon as I did something with my hand, I had to very quickly get the brace. And then the weather started to change. The rest, as too many people say too often, is history. Except that isn’t history, it’s current events.

Anyhow, the scan went fine. I got somewhat dizzy, and felt a bit nauseous after lying flat on my back for 15 minutes. It took most of the morning to get my equilibrium back, during which time my dear Doug ran several errands for me, including getting a cup of tea. He then made lunch — chicken stir-fried with mushrooms, snow peas, onions, and a wonderful mango sauce. My day deteriorated after that as I did a bunch of stuff in the house. A little later, I decided to have my nap on the back porch but couldn’t stand the mess any more, so I swept up a summer’s worth of bird seed, sunflower seed shells and assorted other things. Needless to say, that didn’t help my hand or my head or my neck or shoulder.

Sorry for the health rant; there are some days, as I say, that I can’t think about anything else. This was one of them. Maybe I’ll feel better after the storm. At least I didn’t wimp out on everything today.

Make the most of every moment. Remember that tomorrow, that moment will no longer be available to enjoy.

Love, gail

Philosophical mood

Life is too short to get too worked up about anything much, I’ve decided.  I swear that every driver in London was out to get me today, cutting me off, pulling out in front of me, making sudden stops and turns.  I stayed reasonably calm, except for when the kid on a motorcycle peeled out of a driveway and made a left turn into the lane in front of me, and then took off going at least 100 kmh,  That made me mad, so mad that I was tempted to follow him and get his licence number. Of course, the only thing that got anybody hurt was me driving over a curb on the way into a parking lot.  That shook Doug up some and sent my shoulder and neck into spasm, where they’ve been all day.

The other deep philosophical (!) thought I had grew out of an experience yesterday when I watched (albeit at a distance) a friend grapple with a huge task.  Near the end of the thing, he knew that he couldn’t finish what he started.  The really cool thing is that he had the courage to acknowledge that fact and made the conscious and courageous decision not to finish what he started.  We teach kids that it’s a good thing to always finish what you start, but maybe we ought to also teach them to recognize when they made a wrong choice or are into something beyond their capacity at the time.  It takes guts to walk away.  A grad student of mine, many years ago, came to me in tears because she was so unhappy in our PhD program.  She wanted to quit, but her classmates and some faculty members had told her that she absolutely should not.  Her parents were dead set against her leaving.  We talked for hours and at the end of the conversation, she withdrew from the program.  She went on to have a brilliant career as a researcher, and 10 years later, resumed her PhD studies in another program.  That kid had guts.  So does my friend and I am so proud of him.  None of his family and friends are disappointed; they all supported his decision.  That is totally amazing!

So the bottom line for today is don’t sweat the small stuff, be strong, and try to ignore the shoulder and neck spasms.  Tomorrow is my CT scan.  Think positive thoughts or pray, or both.  Please.

Love, gail


Sleepy Saturday

Both of us have been crazy sleepy all day long. I had coffee with my brother for the first time in eight weeks and it was wonderful to see him. We had our usual half hour chat and then went off on our respective errand-filled mornings. By the end of the morning, Doug and I decided we needed a nap. After all, we had a dinner engagement with Doug’s brother David and sister-in-law Susan. So nap we did, at the expense of some culinary chores that have been postponed until tomorrow. Dave and Sue are heading off on holiday to Ireland next week so the dinner date was our way of saying goodbye. Now, we’re drinking tea and watching TV. Church tomorrow morning, then the culinary chores. Then we prepare for the week ahead.

Tomorrow, my friend Peter is doing an Ironman race in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. I think I will spend he rest of the evening generating many positive thoughts and sending them off his way. And even the occasional prayer. Just wanting him to have the best race he can, and to have some fun while he’s at it. Game On, Pete.

Love, gail

Another day..

This will be short. My right thumb is so sore I am wearing an orthopedic brace on it, one that I only resort to when the pain brings tears to my eyes. That, along with a narcotic pain reliever, make typing possible, at least for a short while. It isn’t like I’ve done too much; it just hurts! At least walking was a bit easier today because I was smart enough to put on my neoprene knee brace before we went to the grocery store. Probably I managed the equivalent of two city blocks this morning. Of course, when we got home and I took the brace off, it was pretty bad. I guess I had better get in to see the physio folks again, sooner rather than later. Next week seems awfully busy already, or maybe it’s just the worry about the CT scan of the mystery lump that happens on Tuesday. Just for anyone who cares, I’m going to insert a couple of selfies of the thing in its two sizes.

Small lump

Small lump

Larger size

Larger size

Obnoxious, isn’t it. Random size changes. The larger size makes my glasses fit funny.

Love, gail


The car left for the hospital today, comfortably loaded on a flat-bed truck. His replacement is a Kia and will do for the week. We already miss the Elantra. After a brief visit to the Optometrist for one last test (all is well), we had lunch and headed off to Costco. It had been a while since our last visit, and I forgot once again how busy the place can get. RESOLUTION: All future Costco visits will occur in the early morning.

By the time we got home, I was too tired to do anything but collapse in my chair and drink tea. Parking was a long way from the store and my right knee kicked up a fuss. That plus my fatigue provided my excuse for not going downstairs to finish the wrteched travel journal. Yesterday’s near-loss of the whole thing may also have had something to do with it. A wise friend once told me that nothing is ever truly “lost” on a computer; people with the right skills can always retrieve at least part of what you can’t find. After some initial panic (I’m sure Doug thought I was dying) at the thought of having lost 5000+ words of text and coountless picture insertions I actually managed to locate the document. Thanks to WordPress for a Trash file! At any rate, tomorrow is soon enough.

Good night, sleep well.

Love, gail

The day after…

It was a lazy but reasonably useful day. Adam’s last soccer game of the season is tonight, but I have been hurting so much and it is so cold and the grass will be so wet that I think I will skip it.  That means missing an early reunion with brother Art, but that can wait until Saturday when we will resume our routine morning coffee dates. I hope. I spent a large part of the day fussing with the layout of pictures in our Panama Canal journal post. It’s frustrating because I can’t figure out why they won’t stay where I put them. And it’s not as though the world would collapse if I didn’t get it quite right; it’s just ME !  I should actually get it finished tomorrow.

One of the things about a day like yesterday is that it reinforces the love Doug and I share. Not that we need to be reminded, but we come away from a day of celebration feeling so incredibly blessed in our relationship. Warm fuzzies to the nth degree. So pleasant!

And then there was the ultimate coincidence. I had just inserted pictures of dinner companions on the trip when a new email notification appeared, and it was from them! We make friends and keep them! So special….

So on that note, I bid you goodbye for now. I must go and answer that email!

Love, gail





Happy Anniversary, my love.

Yes, nineteen years! Our wedding day was so incredibly hot that we nearly all melted at the church, even though it was still before noon! When we left for our honeymoon the next day, the car began overheating in the line to cross the bridge in Sarnia and kept it up all the way to the Grand Canyon. At one gas station in Nebraska, the proprietor suggested that we “point ‘er into the wind” occasionally, and lift the hood. We followed his advice, and reached our destination without incident. It all seemsso long ago, and as if it happned yesterday. Timeless, like our relationship.

Our day has been fun for the most part. It began with a visit to Doug’s doctor, which took far longer than normal because the doc seemed to have encountered a large number of urgent matters he had to arrange for his patients. Waiting in the doctor’s office is never fun. The day got better after we left there and headed off to the first meal of our day-long celebration; we returned to the site of our first date. It is a small Chinese restaurant that serves Dim Sum all day, still going after the nearly 25 years we have been regulars. We had a lovely lunch and received a beautiful gift from the owner, something totally unexpected.

Gift from Tak Sun Restaurant

Gift from Tak Sun Restaurant


And here’s my gift from Doug:

Anniversary Gift, 2014

Anniversary Gift, 2014

Following a nap and a cup of tea, we were off for our second ceebration meal at the Keg. There was a bit (!) Of a thunderstorm just before we left, and it rained all the way there, but what’s a rain shower matter on a night like this. We had a wonderful dinner – steak, of course – and a free dessert because the server forgot to ask us if we wanted any and she felt guilty about it. Nice way to finish the day.

My fortune cookie at lunch offered the following wisdom:

Fortune Cookie

We should all be so smart!!

Goodnight all.  Remember once more the importance of relationships in your life.  Take the time right now to tell someone you care, that you value them for who they are not how they look, for what they give to you.  Then give someone a hug.

Love, gail

PS… About the pictures; I guess I should use more but I tend to forget to insert them, or sometimes even to take them! This last one is for Peter, taken from our hotel room in Burlington on Saturday night.

Super moon, Burlington ON, August 9, 2014

Super moon, Burlington ON, August 9, 2014

Why Am I So Tired??

It was a fun day, but it didn’t seem to be one that should tire me out. Our friends from Toronto arrived around 11 and after chatting for a while, we headed out to lunch. Our first choice turned out to be closed Mondays (something new) so we turned around and went to our second choice, which was really as good as the first choice, I must be tired or I would never have written a sentence like that! Anyway, it was the Chinese restaurant I’ve written about before. Since our friends don’t eat meat in restaurants, we chose some fish and vegetarian options that we hadn’t tried before. Aside from eating too much, drinking too much tea and sitting too long, it was a wonderful meal.

We came home, fed them some Ontario peaches, drank more tea and talked for a couple more hours before they left for home. It was such a terrific, relaxed visit. Doug and Geary have been best friends since childhood, and Geary was best man at our wedding. Whenever we get together with him and his wife, Harriet, even though those visits are pretty far apart, it’s one of those relationships where conversation just picks up where it left off. The guys told bad jokes for a while and Harriet and I laughed in the right places. I’ll tell you one some time soon.

It was just after 5 when they left, and we both collapsed into our LazBoy chairs and slept for a while. I’m still groggy. Tomorrow is our anniversary; 19 years ago I married the light of my life and nothing has been the same since. I am so blessed.

Love, gail