Nearing the end

Soon, I will be moving to another stage of this journey. I started in October, 2013 with the intention of becoming someone different. Perhaps it would be better to say that my intention was to change how I look at and define myself. With the help of a bunch of friends (you know who you are) who have commented –cajoling, encouraging, correcting, instructing — I have made some progress. I have reached the point where I want — not so much need as want — to change the physical self by doing 2 things. First, on Monday morning, we are going back to basics with the diet Doug and I developed to help us lose 120+ pounds between us a couple of years ago. I will report my weight loss here every Friday (I did it on Facebook last time), and I promise I will do that, regardless of the results. Second, I am going to do something physical every day. Sometimes it will be actual prescribed exercise as soon as I can get that organized, but until then I will walk, hopefully increasing the distance daily, and do house-related things, like clean up the garage. I will report that daily. I also will do my best NOT to talk about my health, except when it truly impacts my ability to do the other things in my plan. This is not to say that things will not continue to bother me, but if I need to write them down, they go in my private blog. And although I normally don’t post on Sunday (something that will continue), tomorrow will be different.

In all the days of the gratitude challenge, I wanted to keep talking about how grateful I am for my friends. They sustain me constantly. And of course, without Doug, my life would be empty. Thanks you all.

 Day 5 of gratitude challenge:

#1  I am grateful for the abundance of fresh food we have and the choices it gives.
#2  I am grateful to my niece Margaret Perry for having nominated me for this challenge.
#3  I am (reluctantly) grateful for Facebook in that it has allowed me to reconnect with so many people.

Love, gail

4 thoughts on “Nearing the end

  1. I am in awe!!!! Enough said!!!


  2. I am so excited for you, Gail! Your determination is palpable, and I can’t wait to follow you on this new stage of your journey!


  3. I support you Gail! 🙂

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