BRAT is awful

Eating this stuff really sucks! I do enjoy the bananas, though! And thankfully there appears to be some improvement in the tummy but not the energy. I continue to be far too tired by noon and naps don’t seem to help much. It will be all better by Monday when Doug and I recommit to diet and exercise. Honest, it will be better!!

The car got his tires re-torqued today, and I stretched my calves. Doug did lots of stuff and I didn’t. And I don’t want to now so I’m going to watch the rest of Jeopardy.


Day 4 of gratitude challenge:

#1 I am grateful for the people in my life who support and guide me.
#2 I am grateful for the beauty I see when I open the shutters every morning.
#3 I am grateful for changing seasons, even though I do gripe a lot about the weather. After a year in a place where there were no seasons, I have come to appreciate them, but that doesn’t mean I have to love them all.

Love, gail


One thought on “BRAT is awful

  1. Just for the sake of clarity I’m pretty sure you’ve already committed to a new diet and exercise regime, you’re just putting it in place on monday.
    And as to today’s gratitude, I like one and two, but three is carrying a pretty big disclaimer is it not?
    Of course I’m just being anal, and to prove it I will add that in actual fact they re-torqued the lug nuts, that hold the wheels, on which the tires are mounted. They did not torque the tires! Oh and by the way, I could have done that for you, if I ever get the tea invitation that you’ve been threatening for oh so long 🙂

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