Reports on varioua thinga

Report on physio visit:

My neck is stiff and I have some postural issues (think they might be related???) but nothing to worry about, according to my therapist. He thinks my knee is fine and the pain is coming from my calf muscle which was very very tight, even though I have been stretching it. So 20 minutes of heat and muscle stimulation for neck, shoulder and knee, some manual traction and postural correction for my shoulder, 15 minutes of acupuncture, and then some sort of torture on the calf muscle. Really painful. Exercise program to be developed in about a week or so. My sense is that it will be mostly stretching and I think I need more than that. So maybe a couple of sessions with a skilled personal trainer who can come and assess me properly, take a look at what we have in the way of equipment and toys, and help me get started. Anybody know such a person? Suggestion on where to look?

Report on doctor’s visit:

I have been doing everything wrong for my tummy. I am now being a BRAT, that is eating bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. And drinking Gatorade or something similar. Bought bananas on the way home. Everything else is here. The CT Scan, by the way, show a non-specific swelling that may be a cyst but that report uses the term “non-specific” five times in two short paragraphs. Radiologist speak for weird! Clearing that us has to wait until September 5.

I had to go to Western today to get a prescription filled. No second thoughts about my decision to quit teaching. I think I’ve done the job I was born to do, so now on to the next.

Day 3 of gratitude challenge:

#1 I am SO grateful for the Canadian health care sytem.
#2 I am grateful that I was able to go to university and pursue my dreams.
#3 I am grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a career teaching university and, hopefully, exciting young people with a love of learning. I also am thankful for the many students with I share core vaues who have become lifelong friends.

There coud be more today because it’s been that kind of day, but I’ll wait until tomorrow

I’ve off to eat my rice and applesauce. Had a banana and toast for lunch. Yummy!

Love, gail

2 thoughts on “Reports on varioua thinga

  1. What I like about this post is that you acknowledge the reality of your health challenges without letting them overwhelm you. I’m sure that takes a lot of resolve, but I’m also sure it’s a smart decision!
    And your 3 gratitudes today are fantastic. I too am grateful beyond words for our health care system. and while I can’t share the other two, I sure can appreciate them!….maybe I even envy you a bit for them 🙂

  2. We are so lucky to live in Canada! Good luck with getting your exercise program rolling, and let us know what you find out September 5th!


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