Thankfully, doctor tomorrow…

This is getting beyond ridiculous!  Had breakfast without problems, then risked lunch. I even made us a nice omelette! Big mistake. Tummy hurts!

From Facebook,

Today is day 2 of my gratitude challenge, and I promise to try to watch my spelling (and my typing).

#1 I am grateful for the love and wisdom of my parents.
#2 I am grateful for the deep friendship and love of my brother.
#3 I am grateful to be a Canadian, living in peace and security, with the most incredible advantages in the world.

Apparently, I am supposed to nominate two people per day, but I think I will ask all of my FB friends to think about gratitude and perhaps say thank you to someone today. Of course if anyone is moved to post some gratitudes, perhaps it would be a good idea.

Perhaps this is enough for today. I shall dutifully report on visits to physio and doctor tomorrow (both the visits and the report tomorrow). I gotta go now!

Love, gail



3 thoughts on “Thankfully, doctor tomorrow…

  1. I’m a big fan of your number three! There are people in this world that are grateful for a day in which they haven’t been shot at!
    Good luck with the doctor.

  2. I said thank you today! A friend of mine sent me a “just because card”. I call it that because it’s for no other reason than she was thinking of me.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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