Didn’t work, mom…

So the chicken soup didn’t work. I was fine for most of the day and thought this was another of those things about which mother is awlays right. But alas, around 5, it was clear that the cure had failed. Oh well, I guess I really do have some kind of bug. It was otherwise a pretty reasonable day. With Doug’s help, I tried a different approach to the travel journal and had some success. I’m going to try again tomorrow to finish the darn thing! The nice cleaning elves were here this morning so the house is clean. And I got have coffee with an old friend from school, a regular event that we both (I think) enjoy. We try to get together about once a month and we never seem to have a shortage of things to talk about!

My niece, Margaret, nominated me to take the gratitude challenge, where for 5 days, you list 3 things for which you’re grateful. I somehow doubt that I’ll have trouble thinking of things. Here are today’s:
#1 I am grateful for the faith that sustains me through everything life throws at me.
#2 I am grateful for friends.
#3 I am grateful for my husband Doug, the lofe of my life. (Which became the the loaf of my life (courtesy of Doug), then the lafe of my lofe (courtesy of me) and finally, the laugh of my wife (courtesy of Doug). In case there was any doubt, I meant the love of my life. Where is autocorrect when you need it??!

I still feel kind of wiped, and I’m glad I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday.

Love, gail

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