A couple of things to say…..

I started this blog because I was concerned about some of the things that were happening to my mind and body as I got older. It’s always been helpful for me to write things down when they bother me, or when I need to work through things out. But what’s happening here is that the blog has become a sort of daiy diary, occasionally interspersed with some serious thought. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; it’s kind of fun to sort through all the stuff that goes on in a day to see what matters enough to record. The problem is that when I did get into some of the things that were bothering me about the aging process, I found that others didn’t take me all that seriously. I didn’t need to hear that “everyone goes through this” or “you should hear what I did yesterday.” My experiences sometimes threaten my sense of who I am, and that can be scary. So, for the most part, I stopped doing that kind of blogging here. Instead, I started another blog, a sort of private journal. I think blogging is kind of addictive, so it suits my personality quite well. Maybe some day I will publish the other blog as well.

The second thing is that I seem to have acquired some sort of tummy bug so I’m leaving now. Be nice to each other.

Love, gail

4 thoughts on “A couple of things to say…..

  1. Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter!!

    • My Dad’s 89 and he’s said for a long time that aging isn’t for sissies and he’s right. Aging brings with it not only physical changes but emotional and psychological changes too and I don’t just mean the jokes about being over the hill. It brings new challenges and concerns on a regular basis to be dealt with and it challenges us to think about our future in different ways than we did when we were younger. Going down the side of the hill rather than up is somehow not as easy to be positive a lot of the time. I think getting older is a very personal journey and for sure my prayers of late are for good health for both myself and others. I love your blog Gail and I thank you for sharing.

      • Cathy:  Thanks so much for reading and sharing.  It’s good to know that others share the journey.

        Love, gail

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      • This is my second try in replying to Cathy.  Thank you for your friendship, for your support and for sharing your dad’s thoughts. All this means a great deal to me.

        Love, gail

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