Friday fun

One of my Facebook friends does something every Friday that I applaud. She celebrates the end of the work week by posting “Friday, Friday, Friday!” Today was that kind of day, not because it was the end of the work week, but because it was a happy day. We started our day with our breakfast treat at Tim’s and then did some shopping. Then I finally finished the text for the Panama travel journal entry, and that was definitely worth celebrating! After lunch and a nap, we went to our condo group’s annual BarBQ. It is some indication of how much we like one another that 33 people had indicated that they were coming, despite a last-minute change of date from tomorrow. This from a potential population of around 40. Burgers, lots of salads, cheesecake for dessert, good company — what more could one ask? Like I said, a day worth celebrating.

What can you celebrate today?

Love, gail


2 thoughts on “Friday fun

  1. I’m celebrating your celebratory day! Such an uplifting post Gail. Thanks


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