Another busy day

Today’s plan was simple enough: get up, do a bit of prep for lunch and supper and then sit down at the computer to work on, and perhaps even finish, the travel journal entry from the Panama trip. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way but the way things did work out was even better. Because we had been invited to my sister-in-law’s for dinner, there was no supper prep to do. Getting eady for lunch involved peeling and cutting up a mango, and washing and slicing some strawberries. That done, I sat down as planned and after a little while, the phone rang. It was one of our friends from the group of teachers who were together in India in 1997. She had received my latest update n Doug and just wanted to touch base. Doug had gone to get us tea, so I chatted with our friend until he came home, then he took over when he came home. It’s always such a pleasure to reconnect with this small group of folks with whom we shared this wonderful experience. Probably half an hour later I got back to work!

I did accomplish a lot anyway. Before we headed out for dinner, I had reached the second last day of the trip. The next time I can work on it, I should finish the writing and hopefully get started on inserting the pictures. I did find out today that I could actually print the thing as well, and that means I can proof- read more easily and see ow the whole layout looks. To me, that is exciting.
Dinner out, home for tea and relaxing since for some reason, we’re both pretty tired.

Love, gail

One thought on “Another busy day

  1. Sounds like a “contented” day. Good on you.

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