Not a very inventive title, but then I’m not in a very inventive mood for some reason. It’s been an OK day, nothing spectacular either good nor bad. Except when I bit the inside of my lip at lunch time. That still smarts! Laundry got done, meals got made and dishes got cleaned up. I covered a bunch of days in the Panama trip journal. The garbage is at the curb. An ordinary, uninventive sort of day.

I forgot to make note of something rather special yesterday. While we were at Thomas Brothers, I caught sight of a young man who looked quite familiar, and after a few minutes of intense concentration and even some staring, I fear, I actually remembered not only who he was but also his name! Curtis was a student in one of my stats classes in the early 2000s and was so absolutely bamboozled by me that he actually wanted to do an independent study course with me as well. He was a pretty darned good student and is a heck of a nice guy. I’m really glad we bumped into each other. We’ve already connected on Facebook and hopefully will be able to get together to get properly caught up. These are the things that make life fun.

And there weren’t any of those today. See you tomorrow.

Love, gail

PS…ONE BIG GOOD THING: Doug is cleared to leave the country with insurance coverage on October 15!


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