Happy but tired…

There is something really important about the order of the words in the title. Those of you who know me might have expected the reverse but today, the emotion trumped the fatigue. We had a wonderful day in the absolutely glorious sunshine. Around 10, we headed east to drop something off at our dentist’s office at Highbury and Dundas, then turned south toward the lake. Our goal was Port Stanley, to visit a friend who has a home there. I hesitate to call it a cottage, and it isn’t just a summer place. It’s on the lake and is a truly beautiful retreat.

While we could have spent the day sitting on the porch, watching the lake go by, we took her out for lunch instead. Because we really aren’t bar people nor do we enjoy eating out of doors when the flies are buzzing, we had never gone to GT’s. We ate there today. For those who don’t know, it’s a beach bar, voted CNN’s best such establishment in the world in 2013. It’s still a bar, and we sat on an outdoor covered patio, but we loved every bit of it. The food was remarkably good, although the noise level made conversation very difficult. Overall, it was a great meal and we had a wonderful visit with our friend.

After lunch, we headed home with a stop at Thomas Brothers market for strawberries. What made us, me in particular, happy, was that Doug did nearly all the driving. It was our first little road trip since his surgery and all went very well. This bodes well for the future. We have a wedding coming up in Ingersoll in a couple of weeks and a less-enjoyable trip to Milton for a memorial service on August 9. Travel will be much easier for us if we can both drive. And now we can!

Look out world! We may get tired but we’re coming to visit!!!!

Love, gail

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