Dreary day, dreary me

I know I’ve said it before, but I will repeat it again: I hate this kind of weather. Everything hurts. The simplest task take on Herculean proportions and before I know it, I can hardly move and require major medication in order to even be comfortable enough to sit still. It is totally ridiculous!!! And it’s not like I did anything monumentall just groceries, a bit of laundry and general stuff around the house. So I’m frustrated and angry and generally unhappy.

So I’m done with this tomnight. And tomorrow, being Sunday, is my day off so I shall speak with you again on Monday.

Love, gail

PS…forgot to report – 2 pounds lost last week, and that’s a beginning.

One thought on “Dreary day, dreary me

  1. Hang in there. This too shall come to pass.


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