‘Twas a fine day…

Went looking for formal vests and found nothing that filled the bill.  Then went shopping for bird food, with more success.  This food seems to be unappealing to squirrels, while still attracting lots of birds.  We went out for lunch after that.  Yes, we are eating out a lot these days, but only until July 1 at which time, we recommit to healthy eating at home.  Except for once a week to honour some invitations to special people.  Today, we went to the place Doug took me on our first date, a place we visit quite frequently.  They were closed for vacation; it’s a family-owned and operated business.  So, trying to avoid holiday weekend traffic, construction and rough roads, we went off in search of another place.  Which we found.  Had a reasonably good lunch, but we were both pretty zonked by the time we got home.  Naps, some time on the back porch in the sun, a light supper.  Another day gone.

It feels, sometimes, like the days are just rushing by and I am getting nothing done.  Bu then I wonder what it is I think I’m not getting done.  There is a bunch of filing and straightening out of papers in the office downstairs.  There is still the matter of my lost treasure, which I shall seek again tomorrow. And a bunch of boxes in the basement storage area to clear out.  And some kitchen cupboards to organize.  And that sort of thing.  But I’m not sure that’s what I really mean.  I’ll have to think about that.  Tomorrow.

Love, gail

2 thoughts on “‘Twas a fine day…

  1. What do you need to get done but to live your life in the moment and be happy? It’s funny how we feel we need to fill up our days with stuff in order to be “productive”.

    I hope that you finally have some good luck finding your lost treasure!


  2. What he said!!

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