The eigth dwarf

Did you ever encounter the dwarf named Confused? He used to be called Discombobulated, but the name was too cumbersome and hard to spell, so he changed it. By the time he sorted it all out, the others had gone off to play with Snow White and he found himself alone and lost. Today, he found me,  and joined a couple of his friends (Sleepy and Grumpy) to plague me.  I really wish I wouldn’t have days like this where everything is a chore.  Buying a few groceries was an epic task because I couldn’t remember what I needed and kept losing my list.  I got lost (well, disoriented anyway) in the darn grocery store, for goodness’sake!  Driving required so much concentration, I could barely manage it.

I’ve decided that a nap is in order, and I may or may not add to this post today.  Oh yes: Doug continues to improve, doing more stuff around the house everyday.



Love, gail 

2 thoughts on “The eigth dwarf

  1. I thought his name was Spacey.

  2. I get confused at the grocery store as well. Then again, I’m a man!
    And according to my grandson anything “epic” is good, other than an “epic fail”, and fail you did not!!
    Be at peace.


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