Our visit to the dentist

The major event of our day was a visit to Bruce the dentist…that’s the way he is listed in Doug’s phone.  Bruce is a wonderful friend and an even more wonderful dentist.  Yesterday Doug lost a large chunk of an old filling so today, Bruce did an emergency repair.  He took extra care with Doug, for obvious reasons, and at the end of it all, Doug had a shiny new porcelain filling with only enough freezing to ensure his comfort.  He felt so good after our visit that we made another, very brief, visit to Costco and then had a terrific lunch at our new favourite Chinese restaurant.  While we were both tired at the end of our outing, Doug didn’t experience the same exhaustion he did the last time he came to Costco with me.  This is progress!!  

Every day brings us closer to normality, closer to the resumption of balance in our home, closer to the beginning of the rest of our lives.  To borrow a phrase from my friend Peter, among others, “Game on!!”

Love, gail 

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