Day 3 — trying again

This is my effort to reconstruct my original post for day 3.  I talked about my morning visit to the ultrasound technician to have a scan on the lump on my left temple.  The lump doesn’t hurt, it just sits there.  About the size of a robin’s egg (half of one anyway), and often about the same colour.  When I showed it to my doc, she was puzzled and called in two of her partners, who also were puzzled.  None of them had seen anything like it before.  Fast forward to this morning and the ultrasound tech, who also was puzzled and called in her partner, also puzzled, since neither of them had seen anything like it either.  It’s kind of interesting to be a medical mystery.  Will keep you posted.

This afternoon, we went to Doug’s doc  He removed staples, checked blood pressure, listened to heart and chest, examined surgical scars and pronounced him about as well as one might expect. After all, exactly one week ago, Doug was in Recovery after a quadruple bypass.  We learned yesterday that the procedure is called CABG — coronary artery bypass graft.  Cabbage has a nice ring to it.

I remember writing a paragrapph of gratitude for prayers, postive thoughts and good cheer, and to the Senior Minister and Minister of Pastoral Care of our church, for phone calls and hospital visits.  That para I can’t reconstruct.  Consider it said.

Now I will try to post this again.  It’s never as good the second time.

Love, gail

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