Day 1…end

We survived the first day.  Didn’t kill each other, me killing him with over-protectiveness or him killing me out of frustration.  We’re both pretty tired.  Doug has a right to be; he just had that big surgery thing.  I, on the other hand, am guilty of poor pacing.  Again.  I need to be careful, that’s all.  We got our two walks in, although I didn’t join Doug in his exercises.  Meal prep and clean up may have to replace the easy stretches that he has to do. 

Tomorrow, we can begin to set up a routine.  Then, Tuesday and Wednesday, I need to be out for part of the morning.  One day during the week, we will have to see Doug’s family doc.  Life goes on, so we have to fit in the walks and the exercises, and the meal prep, etc., and the laundry and all that stuff.  Before long, I know Doug will start to do some of it, and that will help tremendously, but not before he’s darn good and ready.  That means less tired, less back pain, staples out of the incisions in his leg (this week at family doc’s) and generally feeling better.  All this will come to pass.

And thus ended the first day and God saw that it was good.

Love, gail



2 thoughts on “Day 1…end

  1. Amen…but am I, ARE WE, tired????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oy…………

  2. And Gail saw that it was good.

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