Day 1 at home….

Yup.  He’s home.  Came home yesterday.  First it was to be Saturday, then Sunday, then yesterday (which was Saturday as far as I can figure), they decided he would be better off at home, which we could have told them anytime.  So now begins the next phase of this part of my journey.  I say “my journey” because, after all, this is my blog about my journey, and also because this is a big change for me in my life.  Sure, I know Doug has had the surgery and has to do the recovery, but we both have to learn new roles here.  For most of our married life, Doug has been the caregiver and I the receiver.  Now, things are different.  He is not to lift more than 5 – 10 pounds for 6 weeks.  Our Brita pitcher, full, weighs 8.5 pounds and is too heavy for him right now. So I get to make the tea!!  He can’t stretch too high to bring things down off the top shelves in the cupboards.  You understand the stuff that is off limits.  

Our focus, though, will be on what he can do.  Like getting breakfast, as he always has.  Like walking, short distances at first, then longer and longer.  Like taking care of the bird feeder. Like making his own coffee. Like loving me.  As friend Peter said, “This is the first day of the rest of our lives.”  And we are going to make the most of today, and every other day that follows.  Trust me on that!

Love, gail


2 thoughts on “Day 1 at home….

  1. You convinced me Gail. Game on!

  2. The truth is, my darling, that we have always benn and shall always be each other’s carer, however you may interpret that.

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