Day 3 Post surgery

It is Friday, right?  I am totally confused at this point.  So Tuesday was surgery, Wednesday was day 1 post op, Thursday was day 2 so this must be day 3.  On day 3, Doug seems to be continuing his path to discharge from hopsital.  He was disconnected from the last monitoring unit and was able to shower.  He was doing his exercises and walking, and he was resting as he should.  We went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch, searching for real food for the patient.  After that, we were both pretty tired so he had a nap and I sat and read my book. One of the clergy from our church dropped in to see Doug — his second visit from someone at the church — after which I left to buy our great nephew, Adam, a birthday present.  He will be 8, or perhaps 9, on Sunday, and we aren’t going to be able to be there. The present will be delivered, I’m sure.

In the afternoon, we watched a video which was supposed to help us prepare for discharge.  Then, I gave in to my fatigue and came home. My morning began at 7, getting up and getting ready to go to the optometrist to get my new lens.  When the new bits were put into my frames, the first thing I noticed was that there was something not quite right with one lens.  Things were blurred, almost as if there was a sheet of scratched plexi-glass in front of my right eye.  Makes everything hard to see.  Unfortunately, the optometrist’s office is closed next week, and these things are giving me a headache and contributing to my fatigue, I’m sure.  Anyway, by this time it was almost 5, so I was ready to head home.

All the talk of discharge might suggest that it was imminent.  We sort of thought it was until late this afternoon when the surgeon said Sunday rather than tomorrow.  That’s OK with us; another day and night of monitoring won’t hurt anyone.  I can spend more time there tomorrow because I will have had more sleep and be more rested.  We can do exercises, walk and rest together.

Soon, the travelling back and forth will be over and we can concentrate on establishing some sort of routine that will allow us to do all the stuff we need to be doing.  We are so thankful to all the people who have been so supportive of us during this little episode.  Prayers, positive vibes and thoughts, and simple caring words sustain us.  Thanks also for your patience when I didn’t answer your emails or phone calls.  As I’ve said  before, we are so blessed.

But now, as focusing on words becomes more and more difficult, I think I will leave you until tomorrow.  Always remember to grab eevry opportunity to tell someone special just how special they are.

Love,  gail

PS….I apologize if there are typos; it is really hard to see. 





2 thoughts on “Day 3 Post surgery

  1. hi gail and doug
    so glad to hear doug’s surgery went well and that he is recovering … stay strong… the hard part is over

    speak to you soon

  2. That’s all good news Gail. Thanks for sharing. And it occurs to me that tomorrow could be “the first day of the rest of your life”. That way you could use the same title every day, and not have to think about it.😁

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