Day 2 Post surgery

It seems hard to believe that the guy who was walking around the halls on the 6th floor today is the same one I saw on Tuesday.  I think today is Thursday, but I have to admit, I’m so tired that I’m not sure.  And I’m tired because I didn’t sleep well last night, not because of anything to do with Doug.  He is really amazing, by the way.  He was in his own clothes today, already guaranteed to make him feel better.  His pain is pretty well managed, his breathing is better, he gets in and out of bed and chairs almost without effort.  We encountered his surgeon in the hall, and she is very pleased with his progress.  So pleased, in fact, that she may discharge him on Saturday!  Once again, I’m blown away by the rapidity of the whole process.  

We attended a discharge exercise program, where we learned the 7 simple exercises he is to do three times a day, starting asap.  The biggest aid to recovery, however, will be walking.  Three times a day, starting with 5 minutes, working his way up gradually.  The neat thing is that the exercises will be good for me, and the walking is something I should be doing too.  So we will do these things together, eat properly, and become healthy.  There are limits on what he should lift, and lots of instructions about rest and pacing (sounds familiar). My guess is that he might struggle with some of those things.  But if there is any consistency to the advice from friends and relatives who know someone who has had the surgery (or know someone who knows someone), it is to beware of rushing the recovery and rehabilitation process.  We shall see how that goes!

We will, of course, have to fit all the doctor’s appointments in among the exercises.  Both his and mine.  Ah, the journey into older age is filled with the likes of these!

On that note, I shall retreat to my chair to watch the hockey game.  For a while.

Love, gail


One thought on “Day 2 Post surgery

  1. Go Doug!
    Go Habs!


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