Roller coasters are not my thing, but boy, are we ever on one now!

In case you hadn’t heard, the call came at 11 or so, telling us that Doug’s surgery was not going to happen tomorrow. It wasn’t so much that he specifically was being bumped; the was a “problem at the hospital” and everyone was being bumped. So we’re back to “sometime before the end of May,” which means we have to go through the whole thing again. I wonder if it gets easier.

I also wonder when I will stop making this about us and me. It’s Doug who will be going through the surgery, having what my dear niece calls “having his chest sawed open.” But when you read the way I talk about it, it’s as though I were going to be there on the operating table with him. I realize that there is an important role for me here, but he is the guy who will be lying there going through it.

And then there is the impact of stress on our weight loss efforts. Many of you share the stress-eating syndrome so you get this problem. Coupled with the flagging commitment (or even lack of commitment so far) to exercise, we clearly have a problem. But we’re going to try again, starting tonight. No promises though; I can’t handle the guilt of any more broken promises. My Jewish mother did a wonderful job of instilling the guilt response in me.

One good thing that comes out of the postponement is that my tea date with Michael is back on!! And I don’t have to rely on my neighbours to supervise the window washers (who may not come anyway if it rains). And I get to have coffee with brother Art on Friday and go to a financial planning breakfast seminar at Spencer Hall. Some good after all.

It’s Jeopardy time. Gotta go!


One thought on “Postponement!!

  1. You can starve when you’re dead! Focus on eating healthy, instead of weight loss. And isn’t it always the way? A bit of discouraging news comes with so many silver linings.

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