A nice day for a drive ….

… so we went to Port Stanley for lunch.  It’s always fun for me to go to a small town because it reminds me of my misspent youth, or at least, childhood.  Life for a kid in small town (like less than a thousand souls) Muskoka is really heaven, or can be.  If one is a tom-boy like I was, there are fish to catch and trains to ride and berries to pick.  Of course, if you were me (or is it I?), there was work in the family restaurant too, work that interfered with gathering bait for the early evening fishing expedition.  But there were perks too….  but this is about Port Stanley, where we ate lunch at a re-invented Me and Susie’s, poked around the hardware store, and bought some bird seed on sale.  Of couse, we ran into some firends of mine on the restaurant patio, which is in the nature of small towns.  

We walked a bit, but the darned ankle started objecting again.  I’m really tired of it; almost two weeks is enough!  Home in time for a brief nap before church tonight, there to be surrounded by the love and support of our young friends.  We are blessed indeed.  And now to settle down with a cup of tea and Mr.Selfridge.






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