I’m too busy to say much

I finally got around to framing some of the art I bought on the cruise.  Cutting a quasi-mat out of acid-free paper proved to be very difficult, I guess because I have never been able to cut in a straight line.  They’re done now and I feel like I am actually beginning to visualize how the wall will look when it starts to go up.  It will begin with a most beautiful picture done by Doug’s late sister-in-law, Jill Dynan, the only piece of her work we will have hanging.  I wish we had more.

My business really comes from working on the travel journal.  My friend Vikki told me the other day that they still hadn’t sorted out their pictures from a trip to Australia and New Zealand, which I believe was 2 years ago!  That made me feel better.  Anyway, I can put in another half hour before supper and evening church.  Tomorrow is haircuts and a drive to Aylmer.  The weather forecast remains encouraging.  And Peter and Roo had a great day for their race.  They had agreed to run together and enjoy themselves and at 20 K, their times were identical.  What I want to know is how running 30 K can be enjoyable??

So for now I’m saying goodbye and returning to the travel journal.  Maybe tomorrow there will be a picture of a lake full of swans!

Love, gail

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