Will it be Spring?

So, world.  What is going on with this stupid weather?  I had great hopes for today.  Disappointed again.  Try again tomorrow, please!  Peter and Roo (and a bunch of other folks) are running Around the Bay in Hamilton.  30 kilometres.  Sunny and coolish is the forecast.   Do as promised, OK?  And Monday too, since we’re going to see the swans at Aylmer where they stop on their way back up to the Artic.

The little guy’s team lost their semi-final game today.  I think the adults — coaches, parents, grandparents, pseudo-grandparents — were more upset than most of the kids.  They played a really good game and lost 1 to 0.  They did finish first in their division with the best defensive stats in the entire league.  Not bad for 7-year olds!  Perhaps we could send some of them up to the Leafs who could really use the help.

I have nothing much else to say.  I think I mentioned that I started a personal diary sort of thing to try to sort out the stuff in my head.  I did so because I know it’s the right thing to do and because my friends Jennifer and Peter, among others, have urged me to.  I didn’t write there today.  I’m going to spend the evening with Doug, watching a movie.

Love, gail






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