Headline: “Rain eats snow!”

There is actually grass outside, and some of it is green! As the mountain of dirty stuff recedes, interesting things emerge. A Sears catalogue lies over by the rose bush and remains unreachable because I will not climb through the snow. Luckily, it’s wrapped in plastic. The 4 solar lights that sometimes illuminate our sidewalk, bought for $1.99 each, are poking their heads through the snow, at least what’s left of their heads. Some of them have been decapitated by the weight of the once-white stuff or by the blade of the shovels that cleaned the sidewalk. The lilac bush and the hydrangea both seem bedraggled, but they will perk up, I’m sure. Perhaps spring might actually be here?
But then tomorrow morning is semi-final hockey, and I gotta be there to see the kids. Adam likely won’t notice although he did at the last game, and this time, his Uncle Doug will be there too!
We were out all morning and I’m really tired. My back aches, as do my shoulders. My neck seems to be objecting to a lot of things at the moment. But am I going to act the part of the limited old(er) person, crippled by arthritis, unable to function normally, needing everything done for her, having everyone shed sympathy all over her like some sort of healing shower? No, that would have been the old me. Gladly. ut not now! Of course, Doug is cooking dinner and I am sitting at the computer typing this. Real exertion, that! I will clean up, doing my part, but I can’t promise not to bitch and complain about things that hurt. Pain sucks.
Thanks again for reading. Can one of you explain “tags” to me and suggest some for this blog?


3 thoughts on “Headline: “Rain eats snow!”

  1. Bitch away! I think it’s healthy if it let’s a little rain out of your barrel.

  2. I’m a little late commenting on the tags question as I was thinking about my answer. From what I understand “tags” are what people can search a blog for. ie parenting, photography. “Aging” would be one. “Journey” might be another (although that might be a little vague?). I guess it’s what you want to convey to the reader.

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