An OK day

One of the marvellous things about teaching is that some of your students become friends.  It’s happenend several times with me, and it is a continuing pleasure.  Today, I had tea with one of them, a mature student from a long ago statisitics class.  She used to commute from Sarnia for an 8:30 class, no matter what the weather or her personal life demands. I always found it quite amazing that she would show up when some of her younger classmates would use the flimsiest excuse to miss class.  After a long hiatus in the US, she returned to London with her husband.  Since then, we have met nearly monthly for tea.  We have become great friends and I really enjoy these monthly get-tegethers.  

I also had the opportunityto share a cup of tea (she had coffee) with another of the young people from church.  She is a bit older, has a somewhat broader perspective on the world in a way that I can’t really define.  Our hour-long conversation was filled with positives and was a wonderful way for me to start my day.

Not much else went on today.  Run-of-the-mill.  That’s just fine with me.

So good night to all.

Love, gail



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