I forgot…..

I guess in the relief of the moment, I completely forgot to post the results of the long-awaited phone call from Doug’s cardiologist.  On April 7, Doug will be having an angiogram, possibly followed by angioplasty and the insertion of a stent (just like Dick Cheney!).  Given the fact that there seems to be no urgency on the part of the professionals, we are both relieved and ready to get on with our lives.  A postive report from our financial planner has encouraged us to plan some more travel.  We might as well take advantage of the good markets!

Had a great visit and lunch with Michael today.  I am so proud of him, and now that his father has adopted me into the family, I can legitmately be a proud “aunt.”  He is accomplishing so much and has yet to finish his training.  He and his generation will make the world a better, safer place for the 19 and 20 year olds I have been spending time with recently.  

The sun is shining but it remains darn cold and I am truly tired of it.  Michael is convinced that Spring will arrive, limping, starting tomorrow.  Because it is limping, it will take time to really get here. It’s just so hard to be patient! It’s supposed to be sunny and plus 10 on Monday, so we are planning to go to Aylmer to see some swans, an annual excusion for both them and us.
Get ready for spring, my friends. Honest1
Love, gail


2 thoughts on “I forgot…..

  1. A pretty fine day I’d say. Good health news, and extra money! Game On… Aunty Gail!


  2. Thanks for being so supportive Gail – I’m so glad I have you in my life!

    I hope it is a super sunny and lovely day for when you plan to hit up Aylmer! I was also glad to hear at lunch about the good news for Doug and the good meeting with your financial planner.

    Keep us posted!


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