Just wanted to touch base…

In case anyone wondered, I assure you, we’re fine.  There was some Thursday exhaustion after the Wednesday stress test for both of us.  I don’t quite understand why I was so wrung out but I was.  Doug’s heart rate refused to return to his normal 60 or so, staying up in the mid-80s for most of the day.  It was still there Friday morning although some phone calls to various physicians led us to conclude that as long as there were no other symptoms, it was most likely a residual effect of the test.  By this morning, it was down further, butstill not normal for him.

We also are a bit anxious to hear from the cardiologist so to learn the extent of the blockage.  Should happen Monday.

Hockey at 8 this morning.  Adam played a great game and the whole team was really awesome.  They move into the A flight semis next Saturday and if they win then, it’s on to the finals!  The assorted parents, grandparents and great-aunts had a wonderful time!

 On Friday, I spent a couple of hours with a young friend from church.  I just want to say that I wonder about these kids, how they will face a future in which they will be less well off than their parents, where science and technology may make their skills and training obsolete before they enter the job market, where science and medicine will combine to extend life beyond our wildest imaginings but where society itself has not kept pace to ensure that their quality of life matches its longevity.  I pray that their resilience holds for the long haul.

Image And on that note, I must be off.  Thanks to Peter for adopting me as a “sister.”  I really must arrange to meet the rest of my adopted siblings!

Love, gail

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