Doug and i spent most of yesterday afternoon and pretty much all of today at University Hospital while things were done to him in the name of diagnostic medicine.  He was injected with some sort of radioactive substance on both days, which interestingly enough, did not have him glowing in the dark.  It did allow the folks in Nuclear Medicine to take a good luck at his heart and blood flow, both resting and when stressed.  The preliminary results suggest a blockage of some coronary artery or arteries that supply blood to the bottom part of the heart muscle.  The analysis of the pictures was not yet complete so we really don’t know the extent of the problem.  What I do know is that the stress test was very difficult (the actual physical stress of riding an exercise bike is exacerbated by a drug), and Doug was quite wobbly when he emerged from it.  

So now you know as much as we do, which is admittedly not mucch.  It was comforting, however, to have a doctor come and speak to us, presumably so that now Doug will be cautious in his exercising.  The final word will come from his cardiologist, probably next week.

I think I’ll go and play Scrabble with him now.  I also think I will start wriiting more.  Soon.

Love, gail


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Yes, ‘good luck’ to us all!

  2. Peter Rooyakkers

    One day at a time. Today scrabble, tomorrow who knows?
    Thanks for the update.


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