I have a headache

And I’ve had it pretty much all day.  As much as I have tried not to dwell on (or even mention much, beyond the stupid hand) things physical, today has pushed me a bit too far to ignore them.  For the past week or so, the pain in my neck has gotten worse, complete with the spasms that run from the top of the spine (where it joins with the cervical spine) across my left shoulder.  Trying every technique I learned in physio to settle the spasms has led nowhere, except that I have kept my head too still, leading to a stiff neck and headache.  The tingling in the right hand has gotten steadily worse and is beginning to interfere with some of the things I want and need to do right now.  To top it all off nicely, an old injury to my right wrist has acted up, really making the whole right hand almost useless at times.  I guess I’m really fed up with all of this ridiculousness.  Pretending that it isn’t happening doesn’t work.  I’m not converting the symptoms to something fatal.  I have continued to function, more or less.  I have’t whined and moaned about it and done the “poor me” thing.  But none of that good behaviour has made it any easier for me to deal with what’s been happening.  In fact, I think it’s made it harder.

So what do I do now?  What arsenal of tools can I draw from to help me cope, especially with the next few days which are going to be a bit hectic, what with final prep for the trip and all.  Until we actually get on the ship and get unpacked, I am not likely to relax much.  Any and all suggestions welcomed.

Tuesday morning, I get to see the doc who may be able to help with the neck issue.  I had a series of cortisone injections in the cervical spine a year ago (I think I must have mentioned this before), and I had such relief from it that I am willing to have another onedespite some risk involved.  All I have to do is convince the doc!  Wish me luck, please, and pray if you do that.

Bye for now,

Love, gail







2 thoughts on “I have a headache

  1. Good luck! I send all my love and hugs your way, and I hope the doc can help!


  2. Peter Rooyakkers

    I have a friend who gets occassional cortisone shots in his spine and for him it worked when nothing else would. You’ll convince the doctor. It sounds like an obvious decision despite some risk. Good luck, and lots of love.


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