I forgot to report that this week I gained a pound — Mandarin and a couple of tea biscuits from Tim’s will do that to me.  The good thing is that I checked and I weigh one pound more than I did last year at this time.  I consider the kind of maintenance a good thing!  I will check the scale once more before we leave on Wednesday, and my goal is to maintain my pre-trip weight, or darn close to it, for the three weeks of our holiday.  I will be a whole lot more active, and while we really don’t eat a lot more in terms of quantity, there will be more calories, no doubt.  And likely some snacking.  And maybe some booze.  A little.

Love, gail


2 thoughts on “PS

  1. I think that kind of maintenance is a Great thing!! Have a super trip Gail!

  2. You’re freakin hysterical Gail, with your one pound gains and losses! I gotta tell you that I’m sitting here chuckling. Please trust though, that it’s all affectionate. I want to be your health and fitness coach when you get back. You’d only be allowed to weigh yourself once a year!
    And booze calories shouldn’t be counted, unless it’s a habit. And then of course you have a different problem, which I know you don’t have.
    Your pen pal friend and admirer.

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